About Us


What is Do Kind?

Simply put: We are a non-profit that aims to make school fundraising easier by challenging students to do acts of kindness in a 24-hr. time period. If and when successful, that school receives the predetermined amount!


How we Do Kind

 Do Kind will partner with select New England area public schools. Those schools will submit a RFP on how they want to use the funds. These RFPs can range from curriculum support and supplies to supporting student activities that enhance learning in the classroom or beyond. 

Students and school communities are then challenged to complete the acts of kindness that are assigned to them in a 24-hr. period. They (students and/or families) capture it on their phones and email it to Do Kind. Staff at Do Kind, in consultation with school personnel, will review the acts of kindness. If all are approved, funds are awarded the next day, thus making Do Kind one of the quickest, if not the quickest fundraising program out there!


Why we Do Kind

Because we have to! We are committed to making this world (the real world and the social media world) a much better place than yesterday. We also realize that:

-21% of children ages 12-18 have experienced bullying. (National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics)

-Roughly, 58% of the revenue generated from fundraising sales goes directly back to the companies providing the good(s). That yield is brutal! -- Chicago Tribune Study from 2013.

-91% of teachers spend their own money on school supplies and resources.--Adoptaclassroom.org

-98% of public schools fundraise because they have to--Causera.org

-By the age of 18, the average American youth will see 200,000 acts of violence on TV or online--World Health Organization

For these reasons and more, we ALL need to stop just "being kind." We ALL need to Do Kind!

Who is Do Kind?


Do Kind was created in 2018 by Tim Fauth who is a nearly 20 year veteran in public education as a teacher and administrator. The proud product of NJ and MA Public Schools, he has identified this gap in education as it relates to Social/Emotional Learning and fundraising. 

"As an educator, I learned that public schools and students need all the help we can provide. Teachers are heroes; students are phenomenal. We preach the mindset of being kind all the time to our students. To be kind, we actually have to DO KIND!"--Tim Fauth